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Online Bookkeeping Services

Reliability, Consistency and Expertise


All Under One Roof

We accurately record all of your business transactions with an eye on tax savings.

We give you real-time data

We set up and maintain your books

We give a monthly statement of all your business's financial concerns.

And we always - always - keep thinking of how to save you money!

Month-end financials by the 8th 

Often, small business owners don't get a record of their financial "health" until sometimes the 30th of each month. We get those statements to you by the 8th business day, so you can make timely and relevant decisions about your business sooner.

Monthly balance sheet

Monthly profit and loss statement


Friendly staff always available to answer your questions


Tax season is easy

When tax time comes, you’ll get a Year-End Financial Package that contains all the info you need to file your taxes. We can work directly with your CPA, or connect you with one we trust, to make sure your taxes are filed painlessly and on time.

Chart of accounts made tax-ready from the start

Tax savings maximized for you

Flexible tax filing options

No hidden fees

Management of QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an award-winning accounting software, and that's what we use to handle your finances. QuickBooks has the features and tools needed for small business owners to have seamless, easy-to-understand accounting and real-time financial reporting.

Reliable and trustworthy brand

Comprehensive features for small businesses

Tax-friendly and user-friendly


Seamless and real-time financial reporting


Dedicated bookkeeper

Your dedicated bookkeeper is always available to answer your questions promptly so that you can get back to what matters to you - the business.

Dedicated and friendly bookkeeper

No extra charges no matter how often you need us

Response within one day - usually less

Catch Up Bookkeeping

We know that your expertise lays elsewhere, so that's what we're for! Got a bit behind recording transactions? No problem. Are your spreadsheets out of date? No worries! We will get it all sorted out.

We bring your financials up to date and fixed

Complete and accurate picture of your business

Gives you peace of mind

Office of a web design company

QuickBooks/ Software Setup

Need help setting up Chart of Accounts or customized reports in QuickBooks? Or integrate QuickBooks with the popular apps in the market? We have you covered. We help set up QuickBooks and other software integrations related to bookkeeping (QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Payroll, Gusto, Expensify,, Stripe, and others).

Customize our services

Ever thought of removing the burden of staffing and managing in-house accountants while getting reliable, consistent and professional financial reports? You can customize our services by choosing which tasks you want to perform internally and which tasks you want to outsource to Synergic:

Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable

Banking and Credit Card Reconciliation


Weekly review of detailed coding

Month-end Close Preparation

Our pricing

You get full-service bookkeeping services for one monthly, affordable flat rate. No surprises. All packages include QuickBooks management, bookkeeping and financial reports.

How it works

We do your books each month and report to you. That way, you can get back to what you do best - attending to the business you founded, but not worry about paper and records and statements lying around.

30 Days Free

Contact us and let us set up a free one-month trial for you*. The team at Synergic is so confident you’ll be pleased that we are willing to work for free so you can discover that for yourself. Contact us anytime, and we’ll give you a confidential consultation.

* One-month free trial offer is available for Annual Packages only.

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