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How our online bookkeeping works

Our team of specialists do your books, track your records, and use the latest in accounting software to complete your books. It's everything you need in bookkeeping - without doing any of it yourself.

At the beginning of each month

We will gather the financial documents needed to do your bookkeeping and produce accurate financial statements.

Getting the financial documents

We will connect your bank accounts to QuickBooks, which means no more tracking whether you've given us bank or credit card statements. If you deal in a lot of cash, we have lots of ways and solutions to ensure you get to us your monthly merchant statements and receipts.

During the month

Once we have all the information we need, you get a full set of books within 8 business days.

How we do it

A dedicated bookkeeper reconciles all your accounts; we do all the work and then produce for you a complete set of financial statements. And of course, we make sure you are always in the "good books" of the IRS, with all measures and rules complied with.

We're here to help

Any question you may have will be addressed immediately by one of our team members within one business day.

We may need your input

And we will ask you questions during the process, if there is anything about which we are unsure. We'll get questions to you as soon as they arise.

At the end of each month

Once we've completed your books, you’ll hear from our bookkeeping team that they are ready for your review.

We'll have a meeting

As we get to familiarize ourselves with your business and how it operates, we find it helpful to go over the results with you over the telephone for the first month. It gives us - and you - a chance to ask any questions and address any concerns that either of us has, to give you the best service possible. We want to make sure you're satisfied.

During Tax Season

During tax time, we can connect you to a tax expert we trust. Alternatively, we can seamlessly hand off the books we have prepared to the CPA of your choice.

Hassle-free Tax Filing

If your CPA has questions or needs to make any adjustments to your books, your bookkeeping team can work directly with your CPA to sort everything out — saving you time and hassle from any extra work.

30 Days Free

Contact us and let us set up a free one-month trial for you*. The team at Synergic is so confident you’ll be pleased that we are willing to work for free so you can discover that for yourself. Contact us anytime, and we’ll give you a confidential consultation.

* One-month free trial offer is available for Annual Packages only.

Our pricing

You get full-service bookkeeping services for one monthly, affordable flat rate. No surprises. All packages include QuickBooks management, bookkeeping and financial reports.

Whats included

We do your books each month and report to you. That way, you can get back to what you do best - attending to the business you founded, but not worry about paper and records and statements lying around.

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