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Controller Services

Custom solutions for the unique needs of your businesses


What is a controller?

A controller is an individual who manages all the accounting functions of the company, ensure the integrity of processes, procedures and information systems, and provide timely, meaningful and understandable financial information and analysis.

The controller ensures accurate and timely financial information by providing oversight, financial analysis and internal controls.

The controller acts as the curator of internal financial information used for informed and effective decision-making.

When do I need a controller?

Many business owners choose to tackle the task of financial oversight on their own to try to save money or keep a hands-on approach to managing the business. However, you should consider hiring a controller if: 

You are growing rapidly and are uncertain of the financial effect of certain business decisions (buying a new facility, exploring a new revenue stream for the business, etc.).

You want accurate and timely information on the financial condition of your company.

You have large amounts of inventory and receivables that need to be managed with both an accounts payable and accounts receivable person, respectively. 

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Inhouse or outsourced controller?

In-house controllers can also be costly and not all businesses can afford to staff a position at $80k-$150k per year. 

Do you want to save money without sacrificing financial intelligence? If your answer is yes, outsourcing your business’s controller function might be the answer.

Outsourced controllers have become a popular alternative with small and mid-sized businesses because owners can pick and choose what functions they want to outsource vs. keep in-house.

For instance, if you do not need a controller 40 hours a week, outsourcing could provide this senior-level financial support at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource.

What areas can be addressed?


Month-end & quarter-end close:

   - Balance sheet reconciliations

   - Revenue & expense analysis

   - Produce internal statements

   - Adjusting journal entries

Budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow management

Key metrics and Key Performance Indicators

Inventory management/tracking and reconciliation

Activity-based costing, variance analysis, trend analysis

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How do I get started?

Please contact us to discuss your situation at no cost or obligation.

We will arrange a face-to-face meeting to find out more about your organization's specific needs and challenges.

We look for ways to add value immediately and seek to develop collaborative and productive relationships with our clients.

Phone:  (323) 608-2329

Our pricing

You get full-service bookkeeping services for one monthly, affordable flat rate. No surprises. All packages include QuickBooks management, bookkeeping and financial reports.

How it works

We do your books each month and report to you. That way, you can get back to what you do best - attending to the business you founded, but not worry about paper and records and statements lying around.

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